Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hail and News from the Adjuster

A week ago Friday, our county was hit hard with severe hail and winds. I received a phone call from our insurance agency on Monday asking if we had any damage. I had them send out an adjuster and today he inspected our home and our rental home (the home I bought for my friend and her adopted kids).

Well...thank God I didn't raise my deductible to $1000 for each house instead of $500 each , I almost did when we renewed. Our insurance company will be on reshingling two roofs, replacing the siding on the l890's two story rental house and a new door at our house.

I almost didn't have him check out our house, but when I saw the adjusters on my neighbors roof, Doc told me it wouldn't hurt to look at our house. Their are holes in in the shingles on the back side of the house. The tree shielded the front of the house. But they still have to replace the whole thing.

Doc will have to ask around town about who to call who is reputable. With so much hail damage in the area, teams of roofers are coming in from out of state to try to gain business. We will only go with local contractors and with references and may have to wait until they have time.

Then mother nature calls, it can be mixed blessings. For us a silver lining, two roofs reshingled, new siding, and a new door all for $1000. The hail damage in the county has been devastating to the farmers (we live in a agricultural county) but the hail has become an economic stimulus for the car repair dealers, the motels as teams of insurance companies, adjusters and roofers are filling rooms, the home improvement contractors are going to be busy.

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Claudia J said...

Just wanted to say THANK YOU. I got your book and will start to read it next week. The postal people opened it to see if it was really Medica Mail. Go figure. Claudia Johns in Idaho