Friday, April 2, 2010

Wooden Swingsets--Save Money and Build Memories

With the onset of Spring weather, its time to get the kids outside. Becca, Detamara with adult help and supervision picked out this massive swingset project for their home/school construction project. We posted on the blog working on our project. But had never posted the conclusion as it was just beginning snowing as we finished up. Pictures of the project are posted here.

If you noticed we also have a Little Tikes Commercial Play system bought for $700. We have to install its curved slide this weekend. Our yard is a kid magnet and Detamara was found doing her schoolwork in the tower the other day enjoying spring or Becca can be found training her dogs on their massive agility course. It is a riot to see tiny Morgan sliding on command!

To buy a pre-built set would cost major money and would not have as many activities as this kit we found at Menards from Playstar Inc.. The instructions on our kit were very easy to follow, and with spreading out the work over a couple of weeks, it was not too overwhelming for the girls and I to do mostly ourselves. But when we needed instructions or muscles, Doc (Dad) was out there helping us learn.

Of course the project was not just the kit, it added an extra swing bar to add "bigger swings and activities" and we found a "bargain" tic-tac-toe board which we had to figure out how to implement into the side wall of the smaller tower.

Total Cost $2300.00 and hours of family building memories time. Savings... we guess about $2000+ or more than a larger Rainbow Play System Set. When we started looking, we had the amount in the budget for buying a Small Rainbow set or less. With Becca any project has to be big and she wanted to show the schools that she is capable with help.

The Smaller Swing Bar and Tower for the younger set. This is where the girls put their prized bargain Tic-Tac-Toe game. Under the tower because we were on a hill, we had to add an extra 2-6 to the sandbox and a wooden floor to hold the sand in.

The Larger Tower and the Monkey Rings, and Big Slide. (we still have to finish the base support.) We decided to add a wooden floor under the Big Tower to have a floor under the picnic table.

We added an extra taller swing bar with the extra space, a commercial baby swing, commercial Toddler 1/2 bucket swing, a Buoy Ball and one more swing (we need to get longer chains as the bar is higher than we predicted.

We have just a couple of small things to finish up and two major steps. Staining and sealing the set and putting in landscape timbers with a load of wood chips for cushion under the structure.

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