Friday, April 2, 2010

Autism Awareness Day-Becca Reminds You to Wear Blue

Becca and I were watching the Early Show this morning and they were talking about Autism. They talking with a Mom who has been advocating for their child for a decade, when Becca touted that you've been advocating for me for two decades. Thank you Mom. No Thank you Becca for teaching me.

Becca has both Noonan Syndrome and autism spectrum disorder and reminds everyone to wear blue to raise awareness on Autism. Heading to my facebook, I discovered that Matt, Becca's brother to wear blue.

PS: Becca may not appreciate me with this goofy face picture, but I chose it to show that she has learned to have fun and not always be so serious. Becca and her pack...Milo and Morgan.

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