Thursday, April 22, 2010

I said I as bored, and then ....

For the last couple of months, I was bored. I should have kept my mouth quiet. You know the saying.. You should be careful what you ask for? Well... I haven't had time to blog or even bargain hunt or even garage sale...

Why the desserted blog?
  • I Focused on Becca's schooling, IEP's, Documention, Filing Complaints ... all Becca and I both got was frustration.
  • I was trying to save money, and my stockpile and freezers didn't require any shopping.
  • We ran up and back and then up and back to head up to Minneapolis to hang out with the New Parents and baby Brody.
  • I Found out that the girls and I get to spend 6 weeks playing Nana to Kasja and Mahala while Kristy and Chris are at work.
  • I Finally figured out why I am so tired lately, my asthma was not letting me breathe, and now that the Prednisone kicked in today I have plenty of energy to pack and clean the house for Doc who will be staying home working and taking care of the animals.
  • Everything I tried to do became complicated, and took ten times longer that it should have or required disaster control.
  • We finished up our homestudy.
  • I gave up junk food and I will get exercise and hopefully will lose 10 pounds from non-stop chasing a running toddler and a very fast creeper in the next 6 weeks.
I will post when I can and will be sharing our time with Nana's girls.

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