Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter--Ian Stopped by for Dinner and Shopping at Mom's Mini Superstore

Ian stopped by on his way home from visiting his brothers in Minneapolis for the long weekend. He and his work friend ride split gas and shared the long trip from Michigan to Minnesota. They stopped by for a Easter home cooked Turkey dinner and a break from driving. We got to spend two hours with our son. Thank you Ian for time with you.

Before leaving, Ian stocked up in Mom's mini-superstore as each of the kids do when they make it home. One of my advantages of my being bored, double coupons, rolling rewards and being an avid couponer to help my grown kids who work extremely hard save some money and time.

Doc became the shopping cart and was all proud that his kids can go shopping at our house. These are also the first time any one has had any sneak peeks of Mom's Mini-Superstore.

Someday I will post real pictures of my stockroom in its entirety. Doc and I just were having a debate on how many bookcases and shelving units the room held. He thought 13, I said 20, but it is l9 including the big double sized wire rack full which holds oversized goods.

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Mrs. Reverend Doctor said...

I would love to see some pictures!