Monday, April 12, 2010

The Newest Member of the Family--Broderick Christopher Yurcek

The First Family Picture--Our Son Nathan now a Dad

Yesterday 4-11, we received a phone call from Nathan saying Stacey's water had broken and it time for us to head up to the Twin Cities for the impending arrival of Paddles. Nothing is never simple when it comes to a Yurcek, he had a mind of his own and flipped becoming breach.

We were in Rochester an hour and a half out of the Twin Cities when Nathan called, I pulled off the highway into the nearest parking lot, which appropriately was Target to get all the particulars.

Broderick Christopher Yurcek arrived at 5:12 pm 7 pounds 5 ounces, 21 1/2 inches long, 13 3/4 cm head (our kids always have big heads) and totally healthy.

As I was already at Target, I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to check it out. WITHOUT any coupons in hand I was in a Super Target. In the hurry to leave home, I forgot my coupon tote and binders!!!! I managed to still find some deals...

Then to the hospital to meet the newest Yurcek and

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