Saturday, January 30, 2010

Walgreens--Clearance Finds of the Day--75% off Lightbulbs)

I never know what you can find at Walgreens on Clearance.
Today's Find... 75% off lightbulbs.

We stopped off at Walgreens and checked the clearance endcap. They must have clearanced the entire section of lightbulbs.

We picked up these Feit Electric Ecobulb Plus Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb, Soft White, 75 W Regularly $4.99 for $1.25 each.

I checked my coupon binder and found 3 GE mfg. coupons for $1.50 off Any GE Lightbulbs and Walgreens had 4-Packs for $.69.

Here's how I used my coupons.
Buy 8 @ $.69 = $4.72/8 less 3--$1.50 coupon, Pay $.22 for 8--4 packs of GE lightbulbs. (When the coupon is over the price to not get it to beep buy another product of the same to cover the difference is a Walgreens trick I learned from a former cashier).

Our Walgreens had many types of the Walgreens lightbulbs from $.50 to $1.00 for various types of lightbulbs including outside floodlights. Bathroom vanity lights were $.50 each and appliance bulbs were $.87 for a two-pack.

We found rechargeable flashlights for $2.50 instead of $9.99 and a 3-pack of automatic nightlights for $2.50 down form $9.99.

Titan Peeler $3.75? Does it work?
The Tiny Titan will find out.

I also found a Titan Peeler advertised as advertised on TV, but the steep $14.99 and the reviews had left me skeptical. But it was in clearance for $3.75 (75% off). Even if it does not work as they say, it will make a great Homeschool project to copy their claims and make our own consumer report on the product with the girls :)

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