Monday, January 4, 2010

Check Your Cellphone Bill--Unauthorized Charges

I was just paying bills and actually read my cellphone bill before paying it to discover my teenage daughter has inadvertantly signed up for unwanted subscriptions... three different subscriptions totaling 10 monthly charges one of them dating back to August.

She had put in one of the numbers from something she saw on TV and did not understand because of her disability that it was not really FREE and it would sign her up for a service she did not want on a cell phone she stole from Mom and Dad.

$99.90 down the drain because we did not get a paper bill and didn't look close enough at the one line bill. I called the company on the bill to discover they have an elaborate system to discourage talking to anyone. State Attorney Generals Office will soon be getting a phone call!

Lesson learned...Always get a paper bill
Always read it thoroughly

The customer service agent at US Celluar was incredibly helpful and we got them stopped. She told me that if I get a unwanted text from anyone... Text Back, STOP. It should stop them.
We also put a block on it, but that means I cannot subscribe to any on phone coupons. But after $99.90 in charges I fore go any retail phone sent coupons.

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