Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pamida--Double Coupons This Week

We have a small Pamida store in our tiny town. They also have have double coupons monthly.

Pamida price matches competitor coupons and combined with a $1.00 or less double coupon sometimes I can get some really good deals. I price match our Piggly Wiggly Store or Walgreens and match up the coupons and then double.

Price Matching Walgreens Ad Beginning Sunday 1-10-09

Betty Crocker Frosting--- $.99 use $.50 coupon doubled= FREE
Kleenex---Buy 3 @ $.79= $2.39 use $.50/3 doubled= $1.39 for 3
Helmanns Mayonaise--- $2.99 less $.75 coupon doubled= $1.49
Axe Body Wash ---(my boys love this treat) $4.99 less $1.00 coupon doubled=$2.99
Fruity Pebbles (hopefully they carry them and we are running low--these are gluten-free)
Buy 2 @$1.75= $3.50 less $1.00/2 coupon doubled = $1.50 for 2


Lynnette Kraft said...

WOW! Look at you. Overcoming adversity. Joyfully mothering 11 children! Writing an award winning book! WOW again! You are quite a woman!

What are all of your grown children doing now? Do you have a picture of them that's larger than in your side bar? I'd love to see all of them together.

You sound like an incredible woman and I'm so glad I stopped by this morning.

Off to get going on my day - as usual, it promises to be a busy one!

Have a lovely day - you deserve it. :)

Annystribe said...

I will post it to the blog. The last time we had everyone together was at Kristy's wedding a couple of years ago.

willson said...

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