Friday, January 29, 2010

Target--Clearance Score Schwinn Adult Bikes $37.48 and $49.98 (75% off)

We scored this Women's Schwinn Jaguar Cruiser Bike..

Originally $149.99 for $37.48 (75% off)

And this Men's Schwinn Cimarron Comfort Bike
Originally $199.99 Clearance for $49.98 (75% 0ff)

We were heading to Dubuque and coupon shopping at Target. I took a quick check of the newest posts at A Full Cup while the girls were getting ready and discovered that several models of Schwinn Adult Bikes were just being marked down to 75% off. I have never seen Detamara in such a hurry to go anywhere. With a 35 mile trip and it being already 10:00 I was not sure they would have any left...and if our Target would have any... Detamara said a prayer for the bike she had eyeing all year and God answered...A New Bike and she has to work to earn the money to buy it from me.

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