Friday, January 15, 2010

Eat from the Pantry Update

We have been eating from the pantry and freezers since the last week of December. I am limited to $25.00 a week for groceries, but what I am finding as fast as I empty the pantry...I find nearly free items to fill it back up without spending my $25.00!

I had limited myself to only being able to buy something we were out of... we were out of sausage for our Saturday and Sunday morning breakfast routine...having Becca means we do everything the same. I found Farmland sausage reg. $2.99 on one day sale for $.99. I had 6--$1.00/2 coupons for them and stocked much for the freezer room I made. I was out of bananas...found bananas for $.29 lb and then bought 4 bunches for eating now and for ripening for banana bread then freezing.

The first two weeks I was $10.04 over budget, but I gave up $10 from my Walgreens Saving Challenge to cover the difference and the four cents came from the pennies Becca would have begged out of me for her penny collection.

I have been trying to follow the rules, but walking into Dollar General to grab bread...we were out of regular bread for Doc and Detamara and Becca's babysitting charge Serena only to discover on the clearance 50% off rack...Doc's small cans of pringles for $.30 each. His Pringle stash from last year is getting low, but not gone. But the Pringle coupons are not really that good lately and he cannot eat a sandwich without his wonder where Becca gets it. I picked up 7 cans x $.30 = $2.10 plus $1.99 for wheat bread and $1.29 for white bread for a total of $5.38 for this weeks groceries.

I saw several good deals, but passed... Yes Yurcek kids, Mom passed on a Fruity Pebble stock-up Gluten-free cereal deal (a rarity to find BOGO and have coupons on top). I was not out of them but down to 2 boxes... But it is still on sale till Tuesday. Maybe we will have to open a box and then make Fruity Pebble Marshmallow Krispie Bars to allow me to buy some before the deal goes off and my coupons expire on the 18th! (My boys when they were home for the holidays were bummed my stock was so low that they didn't grab any to take home with them).

This weeks Groceries $5.38
Under Budget by $19.62 to be carried forward to next week :)

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