Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Walgreens--Clearance Summer Finds 75%

Summer is over, and Becca and Morgan have one last swim in our pool before closing it today. This year we will close the pool early due to our trip and a phone call from Melissa helped us stock up for next years pool fun after our last swim of the season.

Just before leaving for our trip to the beaches of California we hit Walgreens who had just marked down their summer toys and picnic goods to 75%. Thank you to my friend and cashier at Walgreens for letting me know when the summer stuff marked down to 75% off. We are driving out to Marissa's wedding and will put our 75% off Charcoal to good use with our picnic dinners to save money. The Sand Toys are perfect for the beach by San Clemente and playing with Kasja while the Jim and our grown boys play beach football.

My Finds:
Kingsford Charcoal 7.2 lb. $1.82
Barbeque Set in Case $3.24
32 oz. Freezer Packs $.69 (we needed for our coolers)
Basket of Sand Toys $1.49
Scented Miracle Bubbles $.49 (for my granddaughter Kasja)
Football $1.75 (sorry boys-Vikings Fans it is a Packers, it is on clearance)

We stocked up on summer toys for next years use by the pool

Lounge Spring Float $6.24
120 inch blow up pool $8.74
Misc. footballs, balls etc. $.99 -$1.24
Cool Mist Personal Fans $2.49 (Becca has been wanting one to help cool her in the heat)

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