Sunday, September 20, 2009

Toys R Us-- Coupons Combined with Buy 2 Get 1 Free Leapfrog

Toys R Us has LeapFrog Learning Products Buy Two Get One Free.
Use many of the recent Leapfrog Coupons on these items and save even more.

I was tempted by many of the Buy 2 Get One Free Deals, but with a 2000 mile car trip home we don't have room :( Becca was eyeing the Lego City Sets, but they are too bulky to travel.

These deals are amazing and usually the best Toys R Us early shopping deals do not begin until middle of October to get the Buy 2 Get One Free Deals, they are jumpstarting the shopping season.

My Toy R Us Trip Today for some after Wedding Bargain Fun

Print Your Leapfrog Coupons Here
Print Your Leapfrog $4.00 Tag Book Coupon Here
New Tag Book $13.99
New Tag Jr. Book-Kai Lan $10.99
New Tag Jr. Book-Cars $10.99
Total $35.97
Free Item -$10.99
Less - $4.00 Tag Book Coupon
Less - $5.00 Tag Jr. Book Coupon
Less - $5.00 Tag Jr. Book Coupon

Paid $12.98 for all three New Release Tag and Tag Jr. Books
Savings $23.98

I bought Kasja a Tag Jr. last week and at 19 months she loved it :)

I had brought a small coupon file with on the trip and spied a young couple with two girls who were buying three of the Leapfrog Learning Items for $19.99 to $21.00. I stopped them from leaving the aisle for a moment and I would be able to help them save even more. I pulled out
3--$4.00 off Leapfrog Coupons saving them another $12.00.

Unsuspecting Shopping Family at Toys R US Deal Today

Leapfrog Learning Item $21.99
Leapfrog Learning Item $21.99
Leapfrog Learning Item $19.99
Total $64.97
Free Item -$19.99
Less 3--$4.00 off coupons -12.00
Total $32.96 for three New Leapfrog Learning Toys

It makes my day to play coupon angel and help someone save money and inspire them to coupon.


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Zarebski said...

I just planning to visit Toys R Us. Well, LeapFrog learning toys are really very useful for kids.