Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back from Hiatus--Back to School from Home

Our frugal days have been set aside for days of crisis and serving. With Kristy's critical delivery of Mahala and her septic shock to worries about a couple of the adoptive young adults, to visits to the doctor for both Becca and myself. There has been many near close calls that have been repelled by prayer and protection from above. These days have been trying and I have been focusing on supporting and praying everyone through.

School is back in session and at long last the school district finally seems to understand that Becca can learn but it is not in a school building. Today's IEP was a step in the right direction. She will be getting credit for her new job babysitting my frugal friends 4 year old daughter, building the swingset (construction trades class), a on-line self determination class and at long last her wish for animal science class :)

The meeting was productive, Becca will be getting credit for her writing on my blog and her movie deals posting demonstrating her computer skills and math skills for the teachers.
Who would ever have thought that someone would get credit for blogging? Becca is!!
Saving money and getting credit in the process.

The next two weeks of blogging will be from across the country on our trip to California for Marissa's wedding. We will be blogging our trip with how we are stretching the dollars while on vacation.

Thank you all for the prayers and Kristy is on the mend, and this Grandma cannot wait to meet the families newest arrival Baby Mahala in a week and a half.

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