Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pamida--Leap Frog Clearance Toys

I was jealous when I heard that others were finding the Leap Frog Tag Readers for under $10 after using coupons. We have two, a boys and a girls one with all our nearly free books already, but I love giving these as gifts.

I was checking out Pamida and discovered 1 Tag Reader for $14.90 and with my $10.00 coupon, I paid only $4.90. One more Christmas Present done :)

I was just as excited to find the Star Wars Leapster game for $9.90 less my $5.00 coupon making it $4.90. (For a gift to go with the $9.98 Leapster I landing buying it on clearance and using a coupon).

The Dora and Thomas Clickster Games (I got a Clickster System on clearance for $9.99 at Kmart earlier this summer) were $5.00 less my $3.00 coupons costing me a mere $2.00 each.

Other finds:
Replacement LiteBrite Pegs $1.00
View Master Reels $1.00

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