Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thank God for Miracles

Kristy and Mahala

After the mini-crisis phone call this morning, we headed out to avert them with picking up all the needs of the wedding day forgets. (Walmart is the closest to the hotel, and they had everything we needed). I had downloaded the pictures right before we left, and this picture says it all of our conversation. I cried then entire way, tears of gratitude, my second set of tears for the day. And there will be plenty more. I know what we forgot at Walmart... Tissues. We will have to run back.

Kristy and Mahala... unexplainable miracles...we could have lost either of them or both, three times since the end of May. A uterine rupture which is an immediate emergency which went unnoticed and uncomplicated for weeks (one for the medical journals) the challenging delivery, Mahala surprised everyone with being fully out of the uterus... to Kristy's septic shock.

I had been praying for weeks, feeling something amiss, covering my children with God's protection. God answered my prayers. Having them with us for this blessed day, Becca's is still here 20 years later, our family is what truly matters. Having Becca has given me the gift of today, and treasuring each day with our loved ones.

Becca now 20 on August 3rd.

Thank God for the Miracles and Family.

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