Saturday, September 19, 2009

Last Minute Minor Crisis

The Wedding Day is beginning with the few minor crisis that all weddings bring. The cake cutter and champagne flutes are up at the apartment in Studio City (80 miles from Southern Orange County). Jim and I are off on a mission to find some. Crisis solved.

The second phone call for the day, Marissa panicking that the Gluten-free bakery had tripled charged her debit card and they are not open until Monday. "Mom can I borrow money for my hair and nails?" "No problem, but you shouldn't be paying for that anyway." was my answer.
I send Becca out with a few hundred dollar bills, and her eyes had popped right out of her head.
Being responsible for Marissa's, Detamara's, and her own hair money is quite a honor. I won't worry she loses her purse as it is attached to her at all times, even at home.

Second crisis solved, and she had to accept help with paying for more parts of this wedding.
Marissa and Jordan have worked hard to pay for this massive affair on their meager earnings.
We are hugely proud of both of them, but it is our honor to help when they let us.

Thursday nights wedding rehearsal went without a problem, the groom's dinner was amazing.
A impromptu Dana Point Beach picnic with bonfire put together by Kristy and Chris brought our family together for an evening of relaxation before the busyness of today.

The girls are off to the hair appointments, Jim and I are off to Walmart and more for last minute needs.

Well I had best get dressed and off on the errands. As I write this last note, I am in tears,
Where did the time go, it didn't seem that long ago I was chauffering my little actress to play practice, auditions or filming of commercials. All the while marveling at my organized little grown up daughter who was set on a career. My little Bubba fluff is all grown up. (Marissa was all girl, with ruffles and saggy tights and her not being able to say Marissa called herself "Bubba" and it has stuck as Yurcek's all have nicknames, some more than others).

I will ruin the reputation of Mother-in-laws out there, that I absolutely like Jordan, and Kristy's Chris, Nathan's Stacey. The third wedding of my children, where did the time go?

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