Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Walmart--Halloween Costume Clearance $2.00 Snow White

I can't walk into the store without checking for clearance. Todays jaunt at Walmart down the Halloween clearance aisle surprised me by finding Baby and Toddler costumes a plenty marked down to 90% off.

I couldn't resist this Snow White Costume (I think I may know what Mahala may be next year) regularly $20 for $2!!

I grabbed a couple of the toddler costumes for a dress up box, Tinkerbell for $2, a clown for $1.30, a pirate for $1.30, a fairy for $1.70 and orange fairy wings for $.50. Those wings will fit with the orange and black pettiskirt I found to make for Miss Kasja for next year.
My total: Spent $8.80 Saved $90.00


Together We Save said...

Great deals on costumes! They are so good to use for dress up.

jon, lara + lydia said...

i was so bummed, i went to walmart (which i never go to) last week because i heard of the good costume bargains.
they had already eliminated all halloween merch. from the store.
i'll have to go sooner next year!