Friday, November 20, 2009

Becca's Obsession of the Week-- A Touch Screen Computer and Her Wish

Becca's Wish

Becca has been obsessing about getting a touch screen computer since summer. Becca has Noonan syndrome and Autism and I have heard all about this everyday for months. She has pictures of the touch screens posted on my refrigerator to remind me that she needs one. Another one on my bulletin board just in case I forget!

This week she had researched more Touch Screens and decided that she HAD to get the new HP Touch Screen Computer and was told it is much better than the Dell one she USED to want.

She is trying to save money for it but it will take well over a year for her to have enough from her disability checks. Santa does not have the budget for a high priced computer we told her. But that does not stop Becca from obsessing and asking her "angels" to grant her wish and praying for one.

The computer is Becca's window to the world, she is having more and more trouble navigating the computer as her fingers, hands and elbows are getting contractures. The doctors want her in hand and finger braces to keep her fingers and joints from dropping and freezing in abnormal positions. The hand braces and the contractures will not allow her to use a mouse anymore and her elbows are contractures are worsening but reaching out to the touch screen will actually be good therapy to help her stretch them instead of having them bent and locked. She is slowly losing the use her her hands. Her neck is freezing and losing range of motion and she can no longer look down at the keyboard without dizziness and causing migraines.

It won't be long before she will need a pointer to use on the screen to be able to navigate the web. But technology has always been Becca's best friend. They first put her on the computer to help her communicate when she was 2. That was the only time she ever liked therapy!!

Becca cannot write, I have scribe by hand all her notes or type for her. She needs to have her independence. We will soon be heading to her appointment in Madison for adaptive technology for new software recommendations about which software, voice recognition, text to speech, word prediction software due to her severe learning disabilities coupled with her physical deformities. But it will cost a fortune and school took out all the technology out of her IEP despite the recommendations of the Rehab doctors, occupational therapy, physical therapy and the fact she had it back in Michigan.

Becca has been obsessing about ALL week, I mean ALL....WEEK, many times a day she read me the specs, information on this computer. I even learned about HP's new touch screen printer her second request multiple times. My tiny daughter has expensive tastes. We cannot afford one this year, I told her and escaped to the bathroom to be able to not hear about computers.

Tonight I was checking out some of my favorite websites, reading the new posts... and I couldn't believe it when I found that 5 Minutes for Mom is giving away the SAME EXACT computer Becca has been talking about ALL WEEK.

Tonight I entered to try to win one for Becca. I am not lucky and don't ever win anything. But will try anyway.

Check out 5 Minutes for Mom's HP computer giveaway, and try your hand at winning. They are giving away TWO. I am praying that I can make Becca's wish come true.

Now that I posted this, it won't be long before she sees it and she will be obsessing even more and praying for a miracle :)


Cassie Sanderson said...

Ann and Becca..I have to let you know that I love following your blog. I have posted on the, my fingers are crossed that you win this computer, I also entered my family and shared this contest on my pathetic blog.

Best Wishes! And thanks for all the great Disney deals you find for me and my three kids!

dawilson said...

Anny & Becca...I also entered the contest. When I read your post, my first thought was that I wanted to enter and give Becca the computer if I am drawn. Her courage has touched me greatly.