Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Target--Getting Ready for Black Friday--Black Friday Shopping on Tuesday to Avoid the Rush.

I am just back from our trip to Target to pick up this weeks movie deal. 30 Minutes after the store opened, they only had ONE Santa Buddies left. I got a raincheck for the Giveaway or will head over to Walmart and see if I can find one.

We noticed that they were putting all the toys for the upcoming Black Friday Ad on the end caps. I had already seen the ad scan for the toys so I knew. I verified with Customer Service the conditions for honoring the price if I bought things ahead of time to guarantee I get what I need. (They will not honor anything with a Gift Card Attached, those have to be bought during the right days). As long as I bring in my receipt during the advertised time (early bird) or on the Friday or Saturday regular ads they will price adjust. (I don't have anything with a Gift Card on my list so I can get Target out of the way for the rush opening hour.

Target has Leapster Games for $15.00 less my $5.00 Leapster game coupons from Parents and other Parenting magazines = $10.00 on Black Friday. These will work well with the $5 and $10 systems I got on clearance a while back. I had printed off Clickster Games earlier this fall which will come in handy as Clickster systems are $19.99 and the games are $7.49 - $3.00 mfg. coupon from my binder = $4.49 each.

Nerf Vulcan Blaster $24.99 less $5/$20 cpn from my binder = $19.99
Buy extra darts??? Use $5.00 coupon from Mc Donalds Nerf Happy Meal.

I will buy this for our Christmas day tradition. My boys always have to Nerf Blaster each other after dinner and the oldest ones are the biggest kids! (I can post this, my boys do not read my blog.)

I am posting a link to Target's Black Friday Sales Ad.

I just went through the Ad and found what I needed, and our Target still is offering the Glade deal, so tonight we will be Black Friday Shopping on Tuesday night!

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