Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hallmark Coupons to Use Black Friday. The Perfect Gift for the Grandkids

Check your magazines to find two amazing coupons which will add to the savings on Black Friday at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores. $10 off the Recordable "The Night Before Christmas" and a $5.00 off any purchase.

The Storybook is a perfect gift for Nana's like me who will not be with the Wee Ones this Holiday. Nana can read them the story this year and every other from here forward. A perfect keepsake. The book is $19.99 after coupon. I bought my books now to be guaranteed to get them and scouted out how to use the other 6--$5 off coupons in my binder.

Planning ahead I picked up another for Nathan and Stacey's little one for next Christmas, and one for the next kid to start a family which will be years from now. I used one $5.00 coupon and have 6 to go from all my FREE magazines:) You cannot use it on the storybooks as it already had a coupon, but will take it off anything else in the same transaction. Each $5.00 off coupon has to be used separately, one per customer. The girls and I will be each going twice this weekend!

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