Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pampers Wipes 72 Count Tub--FREE

Check your P and G insert from Sunday's paper for a $2.00 coupon on any 60 count or more Pampers wipes.

Our small town paper had the coupon and I was able to acquire 10 coupons which I used at Walmart which has them for $1.97 on price-cut. Need more coupons, check ebay or any of the coupon selling sites like... The Coupon Clippers or CouponDede.com.

10 FREE Wipes.

I use wipes in cleaning, I keep them in the car for traveling and spills, and the grands.

My favorite wipes hint...
After cleaning the bathroom sinks, vanities etc. use a baby wipe to collect the loose hair, lint and it shines them while taking off the film of the soapy water.

Anyone have any other creative uses for FREE baby wipes?

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