Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Fathers Day Doc

Doc and Becca at the Irish Festival
Harriet Island, St. Paul, MN

Happy Fathers Day. This is my favorite picture of Doc. Doing what he and Becca love best. Listening to music. But picture this picture stands has symbolic meaning for me...

I title this picture.... She ain't heavy, she's my daughter.

He stood by our family through crisis, he defied the odds to better himself and our family, standing out as a role model for all our children. His humor, his patience and his strength when he had to back Mom up when a strong minded child tested their limits. But as he will tell anyone, he doesn't have it tough, Becca is tough. He will do anything for his children.

I wrote my fathers day tribute on Special Children's website earlier this week.

But to Doc (Jim my husband) I thank you for being an amazing father to our 11 kids, our furry family and the extras that have tagged along.

We love you,
Ann and the Kids

PS: Wonder why I call him Doc instead of Jim? Around here, calling him by his first name in a small rural town invokes a blank reaction or stares as they don't think Doc has a first name, or it is disrespectful to call a Doctor by his first name. So I have just started calling him Doc and now it is stuck as his nickname. Everyone of the kids has a host of nicknames coined by Doc so it is appropriate he finally has one of his own :)

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