Monday, December 28, 2009

Walmart--Lego Pirates clearance 55% off

Lego Pirates Clearance--Walmart

In honor of our miracle Christmas 20 years ago, my boys decided that we needed to get the remake of the Pirates set that arrived under our tree that miracle Christmas.

A remake of Nathan and Ians Christmas gift from 1989, and now a belated Christmas gift for Nana's house for the next generation of Legomaniacs.

Today on our trip to Walmart to return our redbox rentals, our wish was granted with the one and only Lego Pirates Ship left and it was 55% off.

The original price $104.44 on clearance for $48.22.
The Soldiers Port $54.44 on clearance for $24.22
and the Pirates Raft $11.44 for $5.00.

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