Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 2: Eating from my pantry challenge

I had begun the Eat from the Pantry Challenge early and today my husband got in on the challenge and picked out lunch. Right now it is pretty easy to find something as we are well stocked. By February I will have to get really creative.

Day 2: Thursday December 31

  • Breakfast: Choose from: Cereal, orange juice, left-over gluten-free cinnamon apple swirl toast, and bananas.
  • Lunch: Chili dogs with cheese, apples and milk (wheat-eaters)
  • Glutamanics**--Sloppy joes (leftover from Day 1) on tapioca bread. apples and lactaid milk
  • Snack: Clementine oranges and crackers (wheat-eaters) Gluten-free banana bread.
  • New Years Eve Snacks-- $.97 Welchs Sparkling White Grape Cocktail bought last week and 1/2 price Chips with Free Salsa when I bought 2 bags of price matched Lays Chips (before the challenge).

  • **Glutamaniacs is the lovingly coined term for most of us who are now eat gluten-free. I am a 29 year--veteran of gluten-free eating. All six of my biological kids are now sensitive. This past year Kristy and Ian joined our ranks. I inherited it from both my parents and my two brothers eat gluten-free along with my 6 grown children.

    Today's Spending: Groceries $0

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