Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Joined the Eat from my Pantry Challenge: Not just for one month, but through February too.

Last January, I resolved to get back to my frugal saving habits and got serious with my coupons. I was pleasantly surprised how far I could stretch a dollar and how much I could actually find for FREE with double couponing, price matching, rolling Walgreens register rewards and gift cards.

This January, I had planned on eating from my pantry, my storeroom Mini superstore was well-stocked and our two freezers are in dire need of emptying. Even after the kids were home for Christmas and stocked up I still have plenty

I was thrilled to discover that I can join Money Saving Mom and Life As A Mom's Eat from the Pantry Challenge. I do much better when I can share in the inspiration and company of others. (The last challenge I took was the NaNoWriMo Writers Challenge in November 2005 and began my long procrastinated autobiography, which I did complete by June of 2006).

My goals in this challenge are

To reduce our grocery spending to $100 for the entire month ($25.00 a week or less).
(Freebies don't count)

Buying only Dairy Products, Eggs, and Produce or absolutely needed staples as I run out.

I will buy wheat bread for Doc and Detamara as I can't bake with gluten or I will break out and get really sick. Well worth the $.99 per week.

To "clean out" our freezers so I can defrost the one and get down to one freezer to begin again.

To bake Gluten-free from scratch, to save not only money but to improve my baking skills.

To learn to "make do" with what we have!

To prove that eating Gluten-free does not mean it has to be "expensive".

To save money to use on my latest project. "A Historic Project Home" to renovate and resell.

I am challenging myself to see if I can make it not just One month but Two! From January 1, all the way through February! My kids think I may actually make it through March before I get down to bare shelves. I really don't have that much!!!!

**I began today and we had Tuna melts for dinner... both wheat and gluten-free! 3 pouches of tuna gone from my superstore shelves :)

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