Saturday, October 17, 2009

Toy Saturday--Toylands Opening

Here is Wisconsin, just as when my kids were young in Minnesota the Farm stores have the opening of Toyland. My sister and her friend were up at the crack of dawn for a Mom's shopping trip to score the hotest toy on their kids list at Mills Fleet Farm. I used to be one of those Mom's. I slept in and will use my Frugal skills to avoid the mad rush and score great deals the smart way.

Today I am wishing I was out with my girlfriends doing the same, but I slept in, I have a Becca-free weekend (no listening to obsessing) as her and her Dad are in Michigan at Ians.
I woke at 8:00 am to a phone call from Becca telling me she took her meds. You can tell Dad, but she reminded me that I said she needs to "check with me before she takes her Ritalin". I said it.
Oh well.. she remembers the rules.

Back to Toys, I just woke Detamara up and we are off to the smaller city to the Toyland opening of our NEW Blains Farm and Fleet. I have scoured the ad for our "treasured toys" with the girls for my granddaughters, friends kids, nieces and nephews and of course for Becca's Day Care at our house. Even more important, stretching our donation dollars to buy toys for the Toys for Tots Toy Drive to repay the gifts my children received many years ago when Becca was sick and our family poor.

I may not hit the store until later after the rush but will use price match at Walmart for some toys that I have printable coupons on. I will price match the Toyland catalog at Pamida and put those toys on layaway. I used to price match and then put those toys on layaway at Kmart but am UNSURE of Kmarts current policy, but may be worth a try to see if they price match a competitor.

Todays list of must have hot deals from Toylands Opening

Hasbro Musical Sit and Spin $16.89 less $10.00 coupon $6.89.

Leapfrogs Zippety $61.89 no coupons but I had bought $24.99 the cartridges for FREE at
Kmart when they had the $5/$20 coupons and with my shopping rewards.

Fisher Price Doll House $51.89

With my handful of Leapfrog Coupons, my Hasbro Coupons, Fisher Price Trio, Habro Game and My Little Pony Coupons
Dee and I are off to do some Christmas shopping.

Oh, I remember the most important thing on my list... Detamara found the boxed "Farkle Game" for Becca who is facebook Farkle obsessed for $4.99. I think a few of my adult kids who are similarly obsessed will get one also.

I am off....

Anny (who is having fun shopping for toys for little people again, this Nana thing is great :)

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