Thursday, October 1, 2009

Grandma's Girl and the Dreamhouse

Spending a nearly a week with my l8 month old granddaughter Kasja was this "Nana's" dream come true. Jordan's parents hosted the rehearsal dinner at their home and Kasja enjoyed playing in his little sister Cate's Dream Playhouse. With working electricity, and filled with Pottery Barn play furnishings. Isn't Kasja was a very big little girl.

Cate in the loft of her playhouse.

Cate's Dream House.

I took pictures, came home and researched the plans and we will save $$$ by building this Amish Made Playhouse ourselves. This will be our girls next years 4H project for the little ones in the family. (This years project, the playground is well underway).

After seeing this, this Nana's house needs one. After looking at the pictures even Grandpa thinks so! I have been interested in dollhouses since I was a little girl, and Kasja and Mahala need one when they come to Nana's house.

Marissa and Becca playing house with Kasja and Cate.


Nate said...

The play house needs a garage for the little tykes ride on toys and Power Wheels Jeep. You could set it up with the play tools and play yard tools.

Joanna Hudson Ava Hope said...

I'd love to know the style? (where you found the plans?) It looks like a neat house that we'd love to build for our yard.

Angela said...

Wow! What a fun nana!! She will love it.