Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Garage Sale Find of the Summer Today--Retired American Girl Doll Marisol and Accessories in Boxes for $70

I have not been out to a garage sale for months, and today I just stopped by and discovered a GREAT find for the girls and my doll collection:

The Retired American Girl Doll Marisol from 2005. Fitting for my daughter Marissa our actress as she started our fascination with American Girls Dolls back when she was 7. The doll was mint in the box, with the theater trunk and the dance bag with accessories and cat all in the boxes.

With a search on Ebay, the most inexpensive price for the doll in box was over $150 and the trunk with bids $56.00 and $38 for the cat. I paid a whole $70 for all three items.

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