Sunday, December 7, 2008

My First Freebies Post

This is my first attempt at blogging thanks to all the assistance by my daughter-in-law Stacey and Nate getting our computers back up and running after purchasing a new one on Black Friday.

Doubles Comes to Rural Wisconsin

Finally I got to play with double coupons at our small town KMart.
This is what I got for FREE!! I have missed my doubling adventures since we left Michigan two years ago.

Every week I get five newspapers, two Milwaukee Journals, One Wisconsin State Journal, The Dubuque Telegraph Herald, and the Chicago Tribune so when I find deals I can get five of each.

The boys were home for Thanksgiving and emptied my shelves for their apartments and I needed to restock. The cats will be getting spoiled with their treats instead of boring dry food.
Not too bad for two hours of my time.

I was intimidated at the prospect of learning all this... but it isn't too bad. I figured that if I could write and publish a book, I should be able to figure out how to blog.

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