Sunday, December 14, 2008

Walgreens Holiday Rewards Fun Rollovers

On my way home from Minneapolis, I couldn't pass by Walgreens in Viroquoa WI.
Detamara let our puppy out and I went into try my hand at getting my Holiday rewards and seeing how far I could stretch them. I may have been able to do better, but with living in a hotel for a week with my new Granddaughter from Texas, Grandma time came first. Anyway
I had no way to print the needed on line coupons and had to rely on my stash.

Transaction #1
3 Theraflu @3.99 less l.50 mfg coupon on each
Schick Razor Trimmers @ 6.99 less ESC 2-3.00 and 2-2.00 mfg coupons
Ragu Spaghetti Sauce 2 @ 2.99 less WC 2-1.50 and mfg coupon .50/2
Ramen Noodles 4/1.00 (fillers to use all the coupons and my teens love them)
less Last weeks RR 5.00
Total OOP 5.10 Savings 38.50 Coupon 24.00 Adv Savings 14.50
Received 5.00 Holiday RR
3.00 RR (Theraflu)

Transaction #2
Quattro Disp. Razors 2 @ 6.99 less ESC 2-3.00 and 2-200 mfg coupons
Arm and Hammer Detergent 2 @ 6.99 less 2-5.00 WC
Halls Cough Drops l.39 less .50 mfg coupon
Ramen Noodles 4/100 (filler)
Rolled over Holiday Rewards 5.00 from last transaction
Total OOP 1.06 Savings 28.10 Coupon 25.50 Adv Savings 2.60
Received 5.00 Holiday RR

Transaction #3
Kelloggs Corn Pops 1.99 less l.00 mfg coupon
Sudafed 3 @ 3.99 less 3-l.50 mfg coupons
Ragu Spaghetti Sauce 4 @ 2.99 less 4-1.50 WC and 2- 50/2 mfg coupons
Puffs 2 @ 1.59 less 2-.70 WC 2-.50 mfg coupons
Rolled over Holiday RR 5.00 and 4.00 RR from my stash
Total OOP 1.72 Savings 28.10 Coupon 22.90 Adv Savings 5.20
Received 5.00 Holiday RR and 5.00 RR from buying 3 Sudaphed

Transaction #4
Schick Womens Razors 2 @ 6.99 less 2-300 ESC and 2-2.00 mfg coupon
Two Christmas Coloring Pads 2/l.00 fillers (adding to my coloring gift baskets)
Halls Cough Drops 1.39 less .50 mfg coupon
Bic Soleil Razors 2 @ 6.99 (BOGF) less 2-3.00 mfg coupons
Reynolds Wrap 2 @ l.59 less 2-60 WC and 2-1.00 mfg coupons
Used 5.00 RR and 4.00 RR that were expiring
OOP 3.37 Savings 41.19 Coupon 29.10 Adv Savings 11.99

Total Paid for Products 7.16 plus 4.09 Sales Tax
Total Savings $135.89

I am inspired by all the postings at Deal Seeking Mom and where I found many of the items here.

Idea: What do you do with all the extras? Many bargain hunters are donating them to the local shelters and food pantrys, I will give you another idea. Donate them to the disabled living in group homes as they are forced to live on very little. Being an advocate and parent of disabled kids and adults I get a unique view of how hard it is to be disabled and poor. Most of their SSI checks go to pay for their group home payments and they may have as little as $40.00 for their personal care items and spending money.

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