Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nana Shops: Preview Targets Toy Catalog and Leapster Explorer Matchup

Nana Shops

Target's Christmas Toy Catalog is now posted at Black

One incredible deal is for the Leapfrog's Leapster Explorer for $59.99.

Use a $10.00 coupon from specially marked boxes of Chocolate Cheerios. I found the coupon when I got all my $.50 boxes of cereal at our Hyvee last week.

Buy Leapster Explorer $59.99
Use $10.00 off mfg. coupon
Pay $49.99 for Leapster Explorer

For those who have the Leapster 2 and want to expand your games this Christmas....

There are also Leapster Games for $12.44 (Ni Hao Kai-Lan, Cars, Star Wars). There were $5.00 off coupons in many of the lunch boxes at Target for Back to School that do not expire until 12-31-10.

Buy Leapster Game $12.44
Use $5.00 off coupon
Pay $7.44

  • For a review of the Leapster Explorer.
  • One of the biggest drawback of the New Leapster Explorer it that it is not compatible with the Leapster 2 games.
  • The new system is much more complicated to set up.
  • Not easy for the new younger gamer or kids with frustration tolerance issues.
  • Our test drive with it was that our 5 year-old Leap frog fan still prefers the Leapster 2.

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