Thursday, September 30, 2010

Impromptu Fall Field Trip

Not wanting to waste a beautiful fall day, Detamara and I went on an impromptu fall field trip to Cassville, WI. We found out that Cassville was named after the first governor of the Michigan Territory (1827), Lewis Cass. The first Governor of Wisconsin Nelson Dewey (1848) lived there, and he is buried in Lancaster. On the way home we figured out where in town that was. We had visual/hands on history is how persons with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders learn best.

Stonefield is a historic town and agriculture Museum we visited.

Detamara checked out the train and was figuring out what this lever was for.

We went to school old fashioned style, while in school modern style.

Detamara checking out the school desks. She thought it would be much too noisy with all the different ages of kids all in one room for her to learn. Detamara needs a small quiet one-on-one environment to learn with her FASD.

What Mom learned was for Detamara to be successful out in the community, she needs one-on-one support to go to new places. She did not have time to think about going, and we just went. Other times we need to give her prompts and cues to know what to do next. We just went for as long as she could handle, and when we checked in at a few minutes to 3, our passes would be good the next day (but we convinced them to write on them for Friday). We can head back and check out more.

How does this phone work?

We happened upon catching a tug boat with 13 barges heading upstream. It was a great photography opportunity.

With all the rain, the Mississippi River is at its banks in Cassville. The boat landing and part of the parking lot were under water.

On the way home, we ran into buggies of Amish Children heading home from school, farmers bringing in the harvest and more questions and lessons about the area we live.

Total Cost: $14.75 and 19 miles from home.

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