Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Becca Seeing Peter Facinelli from Twilight at the Benefit for Pediatric Cancer

Being short often means having trouble seeing over a crowd. But as long as Dad is around, she always has the best view in the house.

After oversleeping because she stayed up all night because she couldn't wait to head out, Becca awoke in a panic at 10:30. We assured her the lines were way long already and why rush to just be at the end of the line. But the Twilight obsessed Becca had to leave immediately.

I complained about the hefty $25 an autograph and $40 picture fee, but was embarrassed for complaining when I found out where the money went. Becca for the first four years had an undiagnosed blood disorder which we now realize was JMML a leukemia, and my niece Maggie survived Neuroblastoma.

The day and money was well spent, and Becca has memories that will last a lifetime. A bright moment to carry her through the tough stuff.

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