Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August Pic--The Tiny Titan turned 21

Becca 21

Here is the latest picture of our Miss Becca, aka the Tiny Titan.
She is amazing and turned 21 on the 3rd of August. Becca has Noonan Syndrome and outlived her prognosis that she would never see 1. She is our miracle....

Her styling outfit... Coach purse $79.99, 50% off the clearance price and a 30% off coupon,
Aeropostle size 00 Short Jeans $9.99 less coupon of $10/$50, Buy One Get One Free Tank,
DKNY Blazer orig. $79.99, bought 70% off clearance for $11.99 and Sunglasses for $4.00. Earrings from Justice for $1.99. Becca knows how to shop and has turned into a name-brand shopper for little money. Buying classy, named brand needn't cost a fortune.

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Penny Pinching Parent said...

Happy Birthday to Becca! What a lovely young lady. She's obviously into fashion, she looks so fashionable!!